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Our carbon fiber round tube is made of multi-layer unidirectional carbon fiber and 3K woven carbon fiber fabric rolled on a shaft mold. Under normal circumstances, when we make carbon fiber round pipes, we use round pipes made of inner membrane. This means that the tolerance of the inner wall is very accurate. Generally speaking, the tolerance of our carbon fiber tube can be +/-0.1-0.15mm. The surface texture of the carbon tube is generally 3K twill or plain weave. You can freely choose bright or matte. The 3k fabric weave gives the carbon fiber tube a traditional The "carbon fiber look" is just the outer layer, which helps with durability. We can also customize various special-shaped carbon fiber tubes, such as octagonal tubes, hexagonal tubes, rectangular tubes, square tubes, elbows, L-shaped tubes and so on. This customized carbon fiber tube needs to open a mold to make a carbon fiber special-shaped tube of this shape. If you are interested, please email us

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We have different size for carbon fiber round tube, such as 6X4mm,8X6mm,10X8mm...58X55mm, 60X58mm and so on. Also we have other shaped carbon fiber boom (20X30mm Octagon carbon fiber boom, 25mm curved carbon fiber tube, 22mm curved carbon fiber pipe and different size square carbon fiber tube) in stock. If you want to know more size, please leave a message to us. Email:

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